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This Thursday’s Sneak Peak

Jul 20th, 2011 | 1 Comment

Check out this Thursday’s sneak peak! The drama starts to go down!

One Comment on “This Thursday’s Sneak Peak”

  • Janet Phelps August 29th, 2011 2:23 pm

    Tribble, I think that your Mom would want me to talk to you! I am very in-tuned to what is happening to handsome men like you. It is a dangerous world out there. My studies for the last ten years has been about the issues of men and how it is destroying the natural love a man can have for a woman, especially a woman like Devin. They are getting hooked on themselves, getting high on themself and becoming addicted to sex without realizing it. The addiction can steal the life out of your world. Men are loosing the ability to appreciate a woman like Devin. It will hijack your brain like nothing else. I am writing you because I feel you could be an excellent spokesman for how to resist this disease that is ruining our society and the biggest war we really face. It also is making men kill their wifes and children in some cases. It callouses the heart of wonderful gifts of sports, with boys dropping out of sports, with no interest but the interest of porn on the Internet which experts say, it is like throwing gasoline on a fire, it excells an addiction. If I didn’t care for the future of our children, I would not bother to warn them. Use the gifts that GOD gave you of handsome looks and use them for his glory and your life will be so richly blessed beyond your imagination. Use your gifts for the world and you will suffer many heartaches, disapppointments and destruction of joy, talents, family and friends, normal life.

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