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Catching Up

Nov 15th, 2011 | 2 Comments

What up!? I’ve been extremely busy lately promoting Sweet Home Alabama as well as some other stuff I am involved with. It’s pretty crazy that CMT moved the show to Fridays since I am so used to watching it Thursdays, as I’m sure you guys are too. I think it will be good though, hopefully it doesn’t interfere with your Friday night plans  If anything, y’all can maybe incorporate it into your pre-game or post dinner routine.

I went to Mobile, Alabama last week to participate in Angel Ride which benefits under privileged youths in the area. I got to hang out with my boy Cody Harris who is a local Mobile hero, and Tristan and Tori from this season of Sweet Home. It was an amazing experience and just reassured the fact that I love working with kids. Very gratifying knowing that you are making a direct impact on someone that young who is still coming into their own.

Cody, Tristan, Tori, and me getting ready to ride in the Angel Ride parade

Montgomery Gentry played at Oak Hollow and we got to meet the guys and it was an all around awesome night for a great cause. Cody decided he wanted to take a tour of the MG tour bus…the dude is always up to no good.

Cody and I trying out the "Buttle Opener" to open our beers. Yes these things really do exist.

I also participated in a charity bowling event in conjunction with the Atlanta Falcons. It was definitely cool supporting a good cause, but it was especially cool to hang out with some of my child hood heroes and people I watch on TV every Sunday. They were all really cool and my team even came in 2nd because I decided to bowl a 154, and we all got awesome prizes for doing so well! Check out these tablets we won.

Our team winning Samsung Galaxy Tabs from Verizon

Me and my boy Roddy White. #84 on the field, #1 in your hearts!

Me and my boy Roddy White. #84 on the field, #1 in your hearts!

2 Comments on “Catching Up”

  • Mark Gregory November 17th, 2011 2:38 pm

    Great shot of the ButtleOpener! My brother and I invented the ButtleOpener and we ran into MG in B’ham at Hooters on our way to the LSU/BAMA game. They told us they were going to mount it on their tour bus…and they did! Thank’s for putting it on your site. Good luck in your career. If we can help you by linking to our site or any other way, please let us know!
    Mark Gregory,
    Brent Gregory,

  • Cami November 17th, 2011 4:40 pm

    are you gonna come to georgia any time soon? We have some wild parties :)

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