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“The New Atlanta” episode 1 Recap

First of all, let me say thank you for stopping by to read my blog.  I know there are 23,583 other things you could  be doing on the internet right now, like watching a girl catch herself on fire “twerking”or old people reacting to Justin Bieber. Sooooo, the fact that you stopped by to catch […]

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Bout to leave for New Orleans…

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My cousin Virginia

I wanted to write a post about my cousin Virginia, who, on November 22nd, was kicked in the face by a horse. I wouldn’t normally do this and realize that accidents happen every day, but Virginia has been an inspiration. She has always loved horses and has ridden them all of her life. She even […]

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Why the “Tribble Reese” app?

Why a mobile app? So far, a ton of y’all have downloaded the new “Tribble Reese” mobile app and I cannot thank all of you enough! I have been so excited with the response and will keep updating the content as much as I can! I think it is a cool way to integrate fans […]

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My first sky diving attempt!

Best experience of my life. If you have never done it, then you definitely need to do it! Awesome!

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